Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Military Transport Plane Crashes into Residential Area, All 113, Mostly Family Members On board Dead... More Casualties Figures Expected!

All 113 military family members aboard a military transport plane died when it crashed into a residential area (Sumatra city of Medan) shortly after take-off in northern Indonesia on Tuesday, but the toll looked set to rise after it emerged that more than people had been on ground and in homes when it crashed into the residential area. In the words of Air Marshal Agus Supriatna, "It looks like there are no survivors,
The crash of the C-130B Hercules aircraft, which went into service half a century ago, is bound to put a fresh spotlight on Indonesia's woeful air safety record and its aging planes.
Though President Joko Widodo, who took office last year, has said he plans to double military spending to $15 billion by 2020, today's crash seems not to reflect this promise.

Burnaboy Responds to Buffalo Soulja's Gun Scare with His own Gun! How the Animosity Started? Read on...

On the 24th of January 2015, award winning Z|imbabwean dancehall star, Bufallo Soulja said Burnaboy approached him with his entourage at  paryt in South Africa and asked to have a word with him. And the Nigerian accused him of talking trash about him. Bufallo denied this, but Burna threatened to get violent but Bufallo left for thr VIP only for Burna to return HIGH and try to sucker punch him unsuccessfully, but not until his entourge had rough handled Bufallo soulja. The
Soulja left and returned with is own entourage to a club Burna was performing and waited outide. But Burna did not leave until he police arrived. Bufallo Soulja has vowed to not let go of he disrepect until he deals with Burnaboy.
Now with both acts brandishing guns... My hand is not there O!

Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi Resist US Supreme Court's Gay Marriage Right Ruling!

It is no longere news that, the US supreme court ruled on Friday that 13 states that banned gay marriage did so unconstitutional, effectively legalizing gay marriage across the country, but Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant responded by saying that, the Supreme Court "usurped" each state's "authority to regulate marriage within their borders." Hence, he and other state leaders are considering various legal options, including halting all marriage licenses.
For starters county clerks in Texas will be able to turn away gay couples seeking marriage licenses, the state's attorney general Ken Paxton announced on Sunday. This and other moves are being considered to halt gay marriages n the resisting states.
Clerks can refuse based on religious objections, Paxton told the Austin American-Statesman, and because the clerks will probably be sued, "numerous lawyers stand ready to assist clerks defending their religious beliefs."
Even lawmakers of these affected states are trying to resist following the ruling by delaying its implementation.

Jennifer Lawrence Steps Out in Black Crop Top and Matching Skirt! "Yummy!"

24-year-old Mockinjay star, Jennifer Lawrence looked radiant in this crop top and matching skirt by Michael Kors on Sunday. Don't Just ask me about the strappy stilettos. Hmm... she was in New York City's Tribeca neighborhood over the weekend.

Argentine Freed By Kidnappers in Nigeria After Shouting "MESSI!!!"

Santiago Lopez Menendez a 28-year-old Agronomist with Flour Mills Nigeria was kidnappd on Wednesday after working on a agricultural project and traveling alone. But according to him sfter his release early Saturday morning, he has Lionel Messi to thank for his release, because according to him his captors thought he was an American and since they couldn' speak English they kept beating him, but immediately he started shouting the name of the four time "World Best Footballer", they stoppd beting him and negotiated for a ransom with the firm he works with which was paid for his release. He  is finally safe at the Argentine embassy in Abuja, Nigeria, On Sunday, Argentine newspaper Clarin reported Menendez's brother, who said Santiago wanted to thank Messi personally for saving him.

Wizkid Tells BET, I Didn't Show Up at 2015 Awards 'Cos of Same Reason I Didn't Pick Up Your Awards When I Won!

When Nigerian act, Wizkid heard organisers of BET awards were angry he didn't show up for the awards on Sunday 
 though he was in town, the starboy
 had the following words for them on twitter.

"Lol So I’m hearing BET is mad cos I didn’t come for the pre shows and interviews! Lol."
"I love u all for what u do for black entertainment worldwide.I respect the fact u guys do this every year.i know it’s not easy.I understand."
"But I won’t be attending ur preshows and nominee parties if I’m getting the award at 10am before the main show."
"Same reason I didn’t come back stage to pick up the award when I won the first time."
"I’m in LA to work and decided to see the show cos I got love for u guys."
"I don’t post about nominations or talk about awards cos I don’t really care to be honest. Just a bunch of peeps putting together a show!"
"Performing to my amazing fans and making music is all I care about. #TeamWizkid Love!!"
 "I love u BET! If I’m in the city when next u doing the award show , I’ll still come to watch. Lol"
"Big up @stonebwoyb ! Nothing but love hommie! Just met u a couple days ago but u’re cool! #OneAfrica!"

Monday, 29 June 2015

Beyonce is No Longer the Highest Earning Celebrity.. Guess Who Dethroned Her? They Were Spotted Together at a Game Recently...

Beyonce might've won multi BET awards last night, but today, according to FORBES, she has to lose her crown of being the highest earning celebrity to no other than boxing king, Floyd Mayweather.

Beyonce and Jay Z also lost their No 1 spot as highest earning celebrity couple to Calvin Harria and Taylor Swift.

Former Chelsea fc Goalkeeper, Petr Cech Thanks Everyone at Chelsea But Mourinho as He Signs for Arsenal!

It's no longer news that veteran Chelsea fc goalkeeper, Petr Cech has signed for Arsenal, but what i news is that even as he found space to thank owner, Abrahamovic, the goalkeeper found no space for Chelsea fc coach, Jose Mourihno.

Mrs Dorothy C. Anyiam-Osigwe Honored by AU Alongside Winnie Mandela, Joyce Banda and More!

For her contribution to the development of the world through the eyes of Africa, the Matriarch of the Anyiam-Osigwe dynasty, Chief Mrs. Dorothy C. Anyiam-Osigwe the African Union (Diaspora African Forum) has been honord with the living legends award alongside Winnie Mandela of South African anti-apartheid heroin,

Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, current Africa Union Chairperson, Ambassador Dr. Erieka Bennett, (Head of Mission (AU) Diaspora African Forum Committee) and Joyce Banda, former President of the Republic of Malawi.

Did You Miss Nigerian BET Nominee, Yemi Alade's BET Rant? Read the Deleted POST HERE...

Though she pulled down her displeasure at BET awards immediately it wasa posted, but not before it was grabbed. Nigerian singer, Yemi Alade expressed her displeasure at BET awards' stance on African artists. Whether this was as a result of losing the award to StoneBwoy(from Ghana) or generally the Continental profiling by the awards. She too questioned the way African winners are treated like 'sidechics' and not given their awards t the BET awards proper. She knew BET gave African winners their awards outside the awards itself, so the question is, "would she have dropped this post if she'd won?"

Read the post on instagram below.

Sunday was Old-Timers Day as Even Janet Jackson Stole Show at the BET Awards Like Lionel Richie Did At Glastonbury!

Just as we were about to get over 100,000 fans singing long to Lionel Richie at Glastonbury to the amazement of all (even Kanye West couldn't pull the effect at the same event last night). Then, Janet Jackson showed up at the BET awards to receive her ultimate icon award and even the likes of Chris Brown brought out their phones to record the memorious moment.

After Diddy's Fall on BET Stage Last Night, 50 Cent Goes After Him Again!

In less than one week, Diddy has been engrossed in two different controversies. Now it's his fall on stage at BET awards and who was there to laugh at him again? 50 cent! After he went viral to make jest of Diddy, 50 is back to laughing at the multi-millionaire rappers.

Award Winning Nigerian Singer Kidnapped!

Award winning Nigerian artist, Victor Essiet of the defunct "Mandators" duo hjas been kidnapped on his way from his elder brother’s (Tony Essiet) wake keep in Uyo. His brother died last month.

Have You Heard Di'Ja's Newest Single? Say "AMIN" First!

SMD's singer, Di'Ja is out with another single, this one she titles, "AMIN". Don't just ask just say "AMEN!"

Click HERE to Play/Dowload AMIN/AMEN

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

"My Daughter Bobbi Kristina is Not Going Home to Die!" - Bobby Brown

The media world had been engrossed for weeks by the rumour that Bobbi Kristina will be moved home to die, but according to her father, Bobby Brown’s legal counsel who issued a statement on Friday to E! News to clear up nothing like that is happening. In his words he said:
“numerous false reports and sensationalism regarding Bobbi Kristina over the last two weeks, which included specific wording that said Bobbi is "not going home to die." On behalf of Bobby Brown, Christopher Brown of Brown & Rosen LLC Brown is focused on his daughter’s medical prognosis and the criminal investigation. “These are the priorities for us. Whoever had a hand in causing my daughter's injuries needs to be brought to justice," His attorney also asked the media not to report on Bobbi Kristina's cousin Jerod Carter, or his Bobbi Kristina Prayer Tour. "Bobby Brown is not associated with the Prayer Tour and does not support it."

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Dr Fresh is Back! He's Still Got it Babay!!! Enjoy "Bless My Hustle"ft. Joe El

Nigeria's veteran rapper, Dr. Fresh is back and like he used to do wayback in the 90's the Dr is still holding it down. This new single featuring kennis Music's Joe El is sure gonna rock your world. 
 Press PLAY HERE to Enjoy "Bless My Hustle" by Dr. Fresh ft. Joe El.

Diddy Arrested... 50 Cent Makes Fun of His Arrest and More...

Rap Morgul Diddy was spotted cuffed in the back of a campus patrol car as officers transferred him to L.A. County jail. What he did? He swung a Kettlebell at his son's strength and conditioning coach when he went to meet him to discuss his alleged 'riding badly'claim and asking Justin to come back at the end of summer. Though Diddy claimed he acted in self defence he nonetheless was handcuffed and taken away to jail. 50 cent learning about this created a video to clown 'Diddy's predicament. Though the kettlebell missed the coach, it would've been fatal if it hit Alosi. At the end of 50's video he was potted counting dollar bills and saying he was preparing the money to bail Puffy (Diddy) from jail. 

President Buhari Under Pressure for Results in 100 Days... Laments "Empty" Treasury, Debts, Unpaid Salaries and More...

While speaking with Agence France-Presse at his hotel during the 25th African Summit in Johannesburg on June 14, 2015, President Buhari hinted that his predecessor, President Goodluck Jonathan left Africa's biggest economy deep in debt and the treasury "virtually empty".
And Buhari who was elected on a promise of cleaning up Nigeria's dirty politics and ending Boko Haram's Islamist insurgency has hinted that it may take longer than expected. In his words he said: "I hope we are starting and this culture of 100 days (in power) is bringing so much pressure, with (the) treasury virtually empty, with debts in millions of dollars, with state workers and even federal workers not paid their salaries. Though, Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo had estimated the country's debts stood at some $60 billion on the handover of power three weeks ago. We might have to wait a little longer for the actual figures and the expected change.

52-Year-Old Proprietor Serially Rapes 3 and 5 Year-Old Pupils in Lagos. Victim Critical, Hospitalized... Accused Granted Bail!

A Primary school Prorietor, Isaac Ikiabeke has been arraigned by the Nigerian police for serially raping a 5 year-old pupil of his school Brighter Glory School, Etunrere street, Ikorodu after school hours.
His victim said he had raped her over ten times and she couldn't tell anyone because he threatened to beat her if she did. Attention of the grandfather was drawn to the acts by the girl's classmates. Her granddad said she was always turning and holding her belly when sleeping at home, but always said it was stomach ache. Another 3 year-old raped by the father of three is in the hospital receiving treatment.The Chief Magistrate, Mrs. A.O. Soladoye, in her ruling, said the offence was bailable. She thereafter admitted the defendant to bail in the sum of N1m with two sureties in like sum. “One of the sureties must be a school proprietor or proprietress, while the second surety must be a serving civil servant of Grade Level 17, The case has been adjourned till August 10, 2015.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Richest Sportsman, Mayweather's Nigerian Car Dealer Says Even Nigerians Want Buy the Champ's 700 Million Naira Ferrari!

According to Floyd Matweather's car dealer, Obi Okeke, three different BILLIONAIRES have thrown their hats in the ring to buy the champ's $3.8 MILLION Ferrari ... His ultra-rare Ferrari Enzo up for sale. Three of these potential buyers are on Forbes'Billionaires list. 
In Okeke's words, he said:
"People have been calling from all over the world ... countries like Nigeria, Australia, Japan, Great Britain, Germany, Austria, India, South Africa, and the United States." But Okeke says they allwant different favours. One is a60-year-old man who wants to lace up gloves and spar in the ring with the money man.
Some of the other requests are:
a 1-on-1 dinner with Floyd; a video shoot with Floyd and the car; Floyd to make himself available to take a picture with buyer's entire family